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So fast forward to 2015, I’m in my kitchen, and I hear a song on TV that really sounds familiar… The more I’m listening, the more I’m telling myself that I’ve heard this before… Well indeed this was one of the songs that I had recorded with the producers and it was actually supposed to be my first single. When I think about it now it makes me laugh but I can tell you that back then, it was very upsetting.

Hear me well, from the get-go the beat itself and the melody were not mine. The lyrics I had written with one of my best friends had been replaced. To be honest, it’s fine that they chose to go a different route (with another artist and different lyrics) but it was the way that it went down that I didn’t appreciate. I had to find out on TV after waiting for over a year for their call, a simple heads up would have been cool… It’s a question of principles.. I was very disappointed.. disappointed of my so-called friends and of the music industry.

I then decided to shift my focus and put on hold my personal project. I felt that maybe the industry was not made for me (total loss of confidence) and that I should instead continue focusing on helping other artists with their music. And that’s when Tal offered me to work on her new album that was planned to come out in 2016. At the time, Tal was working with the talented producers Ludovic Carquet and Therry Marie-Louise, who welcomed me with open arms. I co-produced 9 songs with them and co-wrote 8 songs including ‘Are we Awake’ and ‘Le temps qu’il faut’ with Raphaël Herrerrias (of Terrenoire) and my younger brother Tman Beaubrun.
The album ended up going Platinum in France..
Shortly after in 2017, I went on tour with Tal as a backup vocalist and that’s when it all came to me…

The final part to follow on 11/01.

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