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My Story

My story starts in 2012 when I started working professionally as a dancer (yep, I was actually working in engineering before)

I started off dancing for the artist Tal who was just starting to blow up in France at the time. I was quickly exposed to the stage as Tal realized early on, that not only I could dance but I could sing. During these live performances, I would replace SEAN PAUL on “Waya waya”, CANARDO on “M’en Aller”, and MATT POKORA on “Envole Moi”, etc.. And this over 101 concerts in 2014

Producers and beatmakers had contacted me to start working on my solo project because they saw ‘potential’ in me.. as they said. We started working regularly to record 5-6 songs. The plan was for them to then present my project to a CEO of a major record label, promising me a deal because I had the potential and the right songs. The day of the meeting (which my presence was not required), I was stressing the whole day, waiting for an answer. Night comes, nothing. I tried calling for the next 3-5 days, no answer. Finally, about a week later, I received a text message from one of the guys : ‘’we didn’t present your project because the CEO was more interested in the other artist that we also had (funny they never mentioned to me before that we were 2 artists, but fine, no big deal) .. so if we presented your project it would have been a categorical no to your project. We’ll present it one day.’’
Ok no problem.
The other artist in question was already very well known in his home country.. and a pretty white boy. (let’s be real, we all know that it’s now, recently cool/mainstream to be a black artist in the music industry in France.. having also experienced this myself.)
And from that day on, I never heard back from them.. no word.. And you know what’s the worst ?

The rest to follow on 12/01.

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